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JobsNearby is India’s largest job registry platform. It is PayNearby’s initiative to help customers find a job and help them earn a living.

Always use applicant’s mobile number while creating a profile.

1. Retailers can register their customers through JobsNearby service on PayNearby app. Basic information like applicants name, service and location needs to entered,
2. Applicants’ profile is then shared with the employers
3. Employer contacts the applicant on the registered mobile number.
4. If Shortlisted, the employer fixes the interview with the applicant.
5. If the applicant completes the interview process and gets selected they will receive a job offer.

View Jobs. Jobs are updated on regular basis.”}” data-sheets-userformat=”{“2″:771,”3”:{“1″:0},”4″:[null,2,9684093],”11″:4,”12”:0}”>Jobs across India are listed under JobsNearby Menu > View Jobs. Jobs are updated on regular basis.

An applicant can give max 5 job interests while creating his profile.

Yes. Any of the below mentioned documents can be uploaded:
1. Aadhar card
2. Passport
3. Voter ID card
4. Driving License (if applying for Personal Driver, Office Driver,Delivery Boy Or Courier Boy)

You can share applicant’s CV after successful registration via whatsapp or email.

Upon registration, applicant’s CV will be shared with employers. On shortlisting applicant will be directly contacted by potential employee.

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