Atmanirbhar Bharat ki Pehchan, Har Dukaan Digital Pradhan

A national movement to uplift Bharat by giving every household easy access to DBT funds, digital payments and essential banking services at a store nearby.

Upgrade your shop. Be the one stop banking service provider.

No working capital required. Earn ₹2,00,000+ per year.

Join the world’s largest branchless banking network

With a growing network of 15,00,000 active Retail partners, covering every district in the country, we service the financial needs of 50,00,00,000 customers.

Join India’s most trusted network of banking service providers.

No working capital required. Earn ₹2,00,000+ per year.

Upgrade your business and make more money

Power your business with the latest digital payment technology. Take your store online and reach more customers.

Become the one stop digital and financial service centre in your area and service your customers better.

No working capital required. Earn ₹2,00,000+ per year.

One App multiple services

A great earning potential with the opportunity to grow your business with minimal one time investment and zero working capital

  • Digital Suite
  • Banking Services
  • Utility Payment Center
  • Insurance
  • Travel
  • Essential Services
  • Partner Services
  • Credit Services
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Digital Suite

Upgrade your business with 100% better credit management and digital payment tools

Go digital. From prepaid cards, UPI QR to Aadhaar Pay, let us equip you with the latest digital payment tools. Use our digital ledger, Customer Khata to manage your customer credits better.

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Banking Services

Become the most trusted Banker of your area

Customers can withdraw money, deposit cash, transfer money, get a loan or make secure savings from your shop. Join the network that services a million financial transactions per day. And in every service you give, you earn. Simple and effective.

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Utility Payment centre

Ensure recurring monthly income by becoming a Utility Payment Point

Households need to pay their EMIs and utility bills every month. Solve customer pain point of standing in long queues. From water bills to electricity bills, from phone/DTH recharges to monthly EMIs, provide easy cash collection, bill payment and recharge solutions from your shop.

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Offer affordable protection plans and become the Suraksha Pradhan of your area

Less than 3% of Bharat has an insurance. Protect your area with affordable insurance plans across health, medical and general insurance.

Help protect India. Earn respect and money while you are at it.

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Open a travel agency from your shop

Offer a range of affordable travel solutions from your shop: rail, flight, hotels, holidays and more. An IATA approved travel service provider, we offer you the most comprehensive range of travel products and services at very competitive rates.

Offer travel bookings from your shop. Earn More.

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Essential Services

Offer essential services to customers & earn more

Issue paperless PAN and file taxes for customers from your shop. Make essential documentation services available and bring them into the formal financial fold

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Partner Services

Be the voice of progress by giving easy access to ecommerce and digital content

Customers in urban interiors and rural areas are underserved on financial as well as digital products. Help your customers access the digital product of our partner brands, across ecommerce, gaming, education, music, video and many more. Earn on every transaction.

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Credit Services

Easy loans to help you and your customers grow

Easy, hassle-free loans with minimum documentation available to you and your customers from our trusted banks and financial partners. Our endevour is to bring everyone in Bharat into the formal credit fold. Be the popular banking agent in your area. Avail our varied loan offerings to meet all your credit needs.

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India's largest Distribution as-a-service (DaaS) platform

  • Harvard Business Publishing
  • India’s Best WorkplacesTM in BFSI
  • MIT Technology review

Smart Solutions for Everyone

Whether you are a retailer, distributor, individual or self help group, we have smart solutions for everyone.


Use our digital suite of products to upgrade your store and manage your credits, customers and payments better. Offer our assisted financial and digital commerce services to increase your income. Be the trusted banker in your area.

Join over 15,00,000 active retailers. Earn more than `25,000 per month. No working capital required

Retail Categories:
  • Kirana Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Medical Shop
  • Fertilizer Shop
  • Apparel Shop
  • Tailoring Shop
  • Mobile Recharge Centre
  • Insurance Agency
  • Hardware Store
  • Travel Agency and more

Make more out of your distribution business. Onboard your network to offer PayNearby services and earn more than 18% per month on the money invested. No physical stock. No expenditure in store space, staff or physical transfer of goods. Every time a retailer in your network services a financial transaction, both of you make money. It is as simple as that.

Join over 1,00,000 distributors. Earn more than `50,000 per month

Distributor Categories:
  • Telecom
  • Pharma
  • Retail
  • FMCG and many more
Individual/Self Help Groups
Individual/Self Help Groups

Grab the opportunity to run your own business, from the comforts of your home or shop and earn additional income. Become a PayNearby Digital Pradhan, and offer financial and digital commerce services to your area. You earn on every transaction you make. Home based businesses can take their stores online on BuyNearby and service more customers.

Join a growing tribe of individuals/self help groups who earn more than `15,000 per month with us

Individual/Self Help Groups Categories:
  • Griha Udyog Members
  • Self Help Groups
  • Teachers

Make financial services accessible to everyone, everywhere

Create a progressive society, where everyone has easy access to financial services, by building the largest agent banking network in the country.

  • 15 Lakhs

    No of active retailers

  • 50 Crs

    No of customers served

  • 20,000

    No of PIN codes served

  • 20 Lakhs

    Avg. financial transactions per day

PayNearby Advantage

Upgrade your business with the leader in branchless banking

  • Instant and easy onboarding

  • Zero additional investment, no working capital requirement

  • Time tested systems, with industry best success rates

  • Simple, secure, easy to use App

  • Available in 10+ languages

  • Relationship managers to support your business at all times

  • Training and certification

    We have associated with RASCI, TRRAIN and RAI to offer you training programs, career guidance, financial consulting, certification courses and more. We will help you set-up a modern shop and keep your family’s welfare at the heart of all our programs.

  • Safety and Security Promise of PayNearby

    PayNearby is certified to the highest compliance standards. We work extra hard to keep the trust of millions of retailers who transact with us everyday, by adopting a zero tolerance policy to security.

Zidd Aage Badhne Ki

PayNearby Digital Pradhans, a growing aspirational community

In 2018, Athram Hussain joined PayNearby as a retailer with a mission to bring seamless banking services to his locality. By offering cash withdrawal and money transfer services beyond banking hours, he has gained the trust of his neighborhood, becoming their reliable local banker. Around 60-70 customers come to me daily for these services and it is a very easy & convenient method to earn money. It has helped me buy 2 bikes and renovate my shop.

- By Athram Hussain, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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