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With Flipkart Delivery Partner, retailers can pick-up and deliver Flipkart shipments during non-peak hours and earn commission on every successful delivery.

The following documents are required for onboarding:
● PAN Card
● Registration or any valid government proof/utility company bills confirming address
● GST certificate (if applicable) else an exemption declaration
● MSME certificate (if applicable) else a Non-MSME declaration
● Bank account with cancelled cheque/ bank statement/ passbook copy with printed details
● Driving Licence, RC, and Insurance documents are mandatory for personnel delivering on bikes

Yes, you have to pick up shipments from the hub.
Yes, you can appoint others to deliver shipments on your behalf.

Yes. The backlog undelivered shipments will be added in your next day’s target.

Yes. The backlog undelivered shipments will be added in your next day’s target.

All the cash collected by the Digital Pradhan corresponding to COD shipments delivered the previous day must be deposited in the hub. If the cash collected or undelivered/return shipments are not deposited by the next day, the fresh load for the next day will be held up and the retailer shall be deboarded if the amount is not received within 3 working days.

Within 3 days of completion of the 15-day cycle every month.

Payment will be credited to your PayNearby Main Wallet

Yes, You can transfer the payment to your bank account via money transfer services.

No. There is no fixed salary. Do maximum pick-ups and deliveries to earn maximum commission.

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