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Customer Khata helps you manage customer credits better. With Khata you can record all transactions digitally, set automatic payment reminders for customers, and view customised reports.

Yes, you may use our customised report section to check transaction history.

Khata service is completely free on PayNearby app.

Yes, this can be done by directly adding customer’s mobile number while adding a new customer.

No documents need to be uploaded to use this service. However, to accept digital payments, you need to do a simple KYC.

Yes. You can either use the manual reminder for each customer or send automated monthly reminders to all customers.

You can find each customer’s outstanding and settled amount under their profile and under ‘reports’ section. Whenever the customer makes a settlement, you will be notified.

Yes, Khata limit per customer is Rs 5000. It can be edited for each customer.

You can collect payments in cash, UPI QR, SMS Payments or Aadhaar Pay. You need to complete your KYC to access digital payment options.

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