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Swiggy is a leading food ordering and delivery platform in India. Swiggy acts like a bridge between customers and restaurants. It utilizes an innovative technology platform that allows customers to order food from nearby restaurants and get it delivered at their doorstep. Swiggy operates with its own team of delivery professionals who pickup orders from restaurants and deliver it at the customer’s doorstep. This has made the task of ordering food a lot easier for customers. Restaurants also gain by getting more orders and avoiding costs and efforts associated with maintaining their own delivery personnel.


Swiggy is one of the largest food aggregators and highly used apps in the country. Swiggy delivery executives (DEs) were unable to deposit the amount collected from cash on delivery orders during the banking hours. Cash collected during evening and late night deliveries, would remain with the delivery executives until next banking day. 

Carrying excess cash during delivery posed risky to the executives, additionally it was loss of cash inflow for Swiggy. The money management systems faltered and Swiggy incurred multiple losses.


PayNearby’s cash collection solution was implemented for Swiggy executives. Swiggy Delivery executives could deposit cash at the nearest PayNearby retail touchpoints at any hour of the day. This positively impacted Swiggy delivery partners’ productivity and helped Swiggy’s cash flow. 

They able to monitor cash flow continuously through PayNearby live collection dashboard and our MIS platform. Same day settlement in designated bank accounts led to liquidity of cash and maintenance of Swiggy’s finances.


In March 2020, PayNearby’s collaboration with Swiggy started with 40 PIN codes across India. Over the quarter, by the end of June, we were active in more than 222 PIN codes with Swiggy. 

PayNearby infrastructure routed INR 2.75 Lakhs collection in March, and by the end of July, our foot fall grew by 160% in GTV. Swiggy delivery executives utilizing our platform has grown by an average of 24.7% month over month.

Our solution has provided Swiggy an upward trend in their Cash Management.

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