Eliminated loss due to intraday cash deposits


Sub-K is a digital finance (Fintech) company that offers affordable, accessible and, scalable financial and payment services to BoP segment. Sub-K seeks to bridge the digital divide, and create a ‘financially included’ society, through a robust and widespread retail distribution network and in-house Fintech solutions.


Sub-K is one of the largest companies to disburse funds on behalf of banks. They undertake cash collections and cash rotations responsibility on behalf of banks.

The biggest challenge faced by Sub-K’s agents was cash deposit after banking hours. The problem was severe during the pandemic, when collection & deposit both were hampered.

The following problems were faced by Sub-K agents and customers:

  • Collection Point: – Customers were unable to locate the cash deposit points in their vicinity. 
  • Increased risk: Sub-K agents had to collect cash & wait for next working day to deposit the cash at bank. Carrying cash posed a great risk of theft and robbery. 
  • Customer service issues: Due to delay in cash deposits reconciliation was delayed. Customer’s account was not updated on time leading to many customer service issues. 

These problems impacted Sub-K’s recovery v/s capital funding. 


PayNearby offered two solutions to Sub-K considering their challenges:

  • CSR Module – Under this module, Sub-K CSR (employee) can collect EMI’s from multiple customers and deposit bulk EMI deposit at a PayNearby touch point. This helped agents deposit money anytime during the day even during bank holidays and weekends. 
  • Customer Module – Sub-K customers could identify the nearest PayNearby touch point and deposit EMIs into their respective LANs/Customer IDs.

These modules helped Sub-K optimize their cash deposit TAT, improve customer service and reduce cash management risk.


Through this solution, PayNearby has helped Sub-K increase cash deposits from ₹1.1 lakhs (per day / month) to ₹76 lakhs (per day / month) in a span of 2 months from launch. Our services have helped Sub-K in their cash management & reduce loss due to intraday cash deposits.

Our seamless collection process has helped Sub-K optimize their collection team operations and reduce mishaps associated with cash management. 700+ Sub-K field agents now use PayNearby platform and collect ₹175 cr in cash on monthly basis. 

Sub-K has also displayed tremendous growth to their banking partner, thereby gaining their trust & prospects to grow new market. 

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