Fintech players enabling payment through Aadhaar card

  There are still several structural challenges that are hindering the growth of digital payments in the country. In past few years, digital payments have.

Waiving Rs 80 crore GST can boost financial inclusion

The outcome of the polls has paved the way for far reaching decisions in many areas. Financial inclusion is one such domain. Key enablers of.

PayNearby Has Covered 16,722 Pin Codes In India Distributing Their Services Through 4 Lakh Retailers

With Tier I and Tier ll cities adapting quickly to digitization, the rural areas of the country are availing digital services through PayNearby and have.

PayNearby Founder recognized as Influential Payment Professionals by WPC

Anand Kumar Bajaj, PayNearby Founder & CEO India’s leading hyperlocal fintech network, was recognized and honored with the coveted title of one of the “50 Most.

PayNearby–Aiming at Digital Evolution Across South East Asia

At PayNearby, we believe that the banking process of yesteryears is up for an upgrade in partnership with banks. “Stability before scale” and “Automate or.