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There is 6 months warranty on the device and 6 month on battery.

Micro ATM commission is the same as the existing AePS commission.

Commissions are credited to retailer’s trade wallet.

Equitas is the acquiring bank for Micro ATM. The retailer does not need to open an account with them, and can continue to maintain an existing bank account.

Commission rates are subject to change, we will provide you with this information as and when commission rates are revised by bank or service provider.

Currently, we support only Debit card cash withdrawal.

Transaction confirmation SMS is sent to the mobile number captured by the retailer while initiating the transaction.

If the Micro ATM transaction has timed out but the amount is debited, it will be reversed to the customer’s account within one week. In case of delay beyond that, the retailer can call customer service to register the complaint.

The retailer will be able to view the transaction in the report section under the Micro ATM tab.

Maximum ₹10000 can be withdrawn per transaction. Total cash withdrawal amount is decided by the issuing bank.

There is no limit on number of transaction that can be performed by retailer. However customer transactions are limited by issuing bank.

For any issues, you can reach our customer service number on +91 9994909090.

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