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PayNearby is an ISO 27001 and DIPP certified fintech company. Your PAN Card information will be safe with us. PAN Card is mandatory for all financial transactions.

Yes. All the reports are available on the App for your reference and download.

Minimum Rs. 1000 can be uploaded in the wallet.

• Log in to your Netbanking portal.

• Go to the transfer option.

• Add PayNearby as beneficiary, enter Account number & IFSC code.

• Enter the required amount and pay.

• Take a screenshot of the successful transaction.

• Upload the screenshot of the transaction.

• After submitting the screenshot, top up will be credited within 30 minutes.

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DMT stands for Domestic Money Transfer, you can send money to any account number 24X7 across India. Money transfer service is available with IMPS and NEFT payment option.

Please follow the below steps.

o If customer doesn’t have a sender profile, first create a sender profile by adding details– (Mobile Number, Name, Address).

o An OTP will be sent to the sender’s mobile number.

o Validate the OTP

o Then add beneficiary detail – Bank account no, IFSC Code, account holder name

o Select “IMPS” or “NEFT”

o Click “Transfer” to proceed

Bene validation helps you validate the beneficiary account before transferring the entire value. Your wallet will be debited by ₹4 to do bene validation. It is always advisable to validate a new account before transferring any amount.

No. You should not charge customer for this service. You will receive commission for your transaction.

IMPS stands for ‘Immediate Payment System’ and it is available 24/7-365 days and offers real time settlement. NEFT stands for “National electronic Fund Transfer” and works in batches throughout the day.

Kindly wait for 24 bank working hours for an update. If the transfer is success it will be credited to the beneficiary account or incase of failure the amount will be reversed and available under ‘Claim Refund’ icon.

Kindly wait for 24 hours, the amount will be settled. If not, kindly contact your respective bank with UTR/RRN number. You can find your UTR/RRN number in “Money Transfer transaction” report.

Your transaction must have failed due to some technical error. Kindly wait for 24 working hours, amount will be reversed and available under “Claim Refund”.

If you do a “Cash-out”: an OTP will be sent to the sender’s mobile number, post OTP validation amount will be added to your main wallet.

If you do a “Reinitiate”: an OTP will be sent to the sender’s mobile number, post OTP validation you can send money to the same beneficiary or any other beneficiary.

In mobile application: Go to ‘Reports – Money transfer transaction’ For web portal: Go to the MIS reports > click on the first option ‘Transaction Report’.

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