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You can take your store online and attract more customers by displaying products on the BuyNearby app. Through this app, customers can order essentials like grocery, vegetable and dairy items online from your shop.

Yes, you can upload your own products. Once they get approved by the system, your customers can see them in the catalogue. But, you cannot upload your services on BuyNearby.

BuyNearby service is available free-of-charge on PayNearby app.

On completing the quick onboarding process, simply click on the ‘Go Online’ option in the confirmation pop up to take your store online.

No documents need to be uploaded to use this service. However, to accept digital payments, you need to do a self digi KYC.

You will receive a notification from the app and can check the Order History to confirm the order. On confirmation, customers will receive a notification for the same.

Under order history there is an edit option available to remove items before confirming the order.

You can collect payments in cash, UPI QR, SMS Payments or Aadhaar Pay. You will need to complete KYC to access digital payment options.

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